Friday, November 06, 2009

Random weekend plan VI

Update: what actually transpired

  1. Hope to wake up early, prepare and eat breakfast
    Woke up early, prepared tomato-onion-oregano-omlette-sandwiches and gobbled 'em up (hubs loved 'em, of course!).
  2. Make a trip to the bank while hubby gives his bike for servicing
    Did some of the banking chores while hubby gave his bike for servicing and then we scooted from that oft-overcrowded place.
  3. Attend my Katthak class on time and not make silly mistakes
    Attended my Katthak class (on time!) where we began a new song in the Bollywood section (Aaja Nach Le--title track).
  4. Rest for a while and do some housekeeping
    Goofed around for a while, felt hungry by 15:00 and so headed to Vaishali for some sinful lunch. On the way I got a Calligraphy pen and some ink, whipped it out at the restaurant and showed off like I was an artist, but all I really did was scratch the paper until it tore. (The shopkeeper did tell me to work the nibs until they gave in and started doing as they were told.) Later, went shopping for some doggy stuff--got those collar+leash things, nail clippers, and a few snacks.
  5. Walk the dogs separately and then walk by ourselves or go for a longish drive
    Goofed around some more, but didn't take the dogs for a walk--the heavy meal had slowed us down. The hubs began to cut the dogs' nails only to realize that the clipper wasn't very good.
  6. Prepare dinner or order in and bathe the dogs while it is delivered
    Made an excuse out of getting the clipper exchanged, bought some more snacks and a Train Your Dog CD instead, and rushed to the Baskin n' Robin's where we really intended to go :)
  7. Sleep early without gawking at the telly like a zombie
    Stuffed with ice-cream, we came back, brushed like good li'l kids (brushing aside the temptation of letting the nice, ice-creamy taste linger) and cleaned up a little before hitting the bed; also, no TV!!
  1. No choice but to wake up early, cuz I've booked tickets for The Informant @ 09:00
    Didn't I say we had no choice? Also, I cooked up my own recipe of corn-bhel, and needless to say, the hubs loved it. The poor chap eats and appreciates anything I make on a whim I am so cool at making junk food! The movie was good too, although it's the sort that you need to pay complete attention to. You'll find it boring, or won't understand it unless you hear every dialog. Matt Damon is among my favorites: the Ocean's trilogy, the Bourne series, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and now this--good range of characters.
  2. Rush to the dance class
    This was postponed to the evening because my teacher was out of town, but she eventually cancelled it after she got stuck in the train on her way back :(
  3. Rush back home and freshen up
    We did rush home, but to my gran's and then my mom's place, for lunch instead of dinner. Mom made rataalyacha khees (a preparation of sweet potato) for hubs and batatyache kaap (potato made with the same formula as these) for me. There's nothing as gastronomically satiating as gorging on a special dish that you think your mom makes best.
  4. Rush to the FoC event to meet Unmana and to give my old techie books away ('donate' is too pompous a word)
    I got late for this and eventually missed it. I started in my car and called up Unmana to locate the exact venue, but those FoC folks had wrapped up the event and left by that time :( The carton of books will now rest in the boot until it's given to people who can make use of it. Hmpf!
  5. Rush to my mom's place while hubby gets his bike back from the garage
    Yep, this was done, although in a different order. And I must mention that the hubs slept over at mom's for over an hour and a half, while I had to run home to let the maid in--who neither turned up, nor called!
  6. Rush back home in the hope of finding some time to rest
    I did rush back home, but there was unrest in the household after that. The dogs had scraped away huge chunks of two different walls inspite of being muzzled, for which they received a little trashing and a really long time-out. I know that doesn't work on dogs, but that was all I could do to not beat them to death. I swore I'd get crates that same evening and locked them up everyday. The hubs, however, did not think it was a great idea and avoided their dreadful fate by just being non-cooperative.
  7. Prepare dinner and eat if I have enough energy to even care for food (a good idea would be to have it at mom's place!)
    And guess what we did again? It was BnB, encore, tonight!
Pray I follow through and not toss the plan outta the window. Been doing that too often. This post is really my to-do list. Must take a printout in Arial Black, 72 pt.
Ooh, I really did take a printout, but then the only time I looked at it was when I tried out the Calligraphy pens and tore the same paper :P

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@p@rn@ said...

wellll.... sometimes just writing things down help.. So maybe this time u will end up doin ALL the things u've covered in ur To-Do list ;)