Monday, December 01, 2008

Brinjal Crisps

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Option 1 - Wash the rice grains, spread it on a piece of cotton cloth, and sun it.
Option 2 - Heat in a pan, on a medium flame, for about 5 minutes; stir continuously.
Option 3 - Microwave for 1.5 to 2 mins on medium power, and spread on a steel or porcelain dish to cool.

Tip: Grind in a mixer (or a stone grinder, if you love it the traditional way) until it's a slightly coarse powder.

Spices: Turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt, aamchoor (you may use a few drops of lemon juice instead); as per pereference.

1 - Turn the slices in the order that you laid them on the pan to avoid burning.
2 - Take off the slices in the center first, and push the outer ones closer until all of them are evenly colored (or not, as you wish).
3 - For crunchier slices, heat 'em longer on the lowest flame.

Tip: You may not drip the oil, if you're not in love with your healthy heart and don't care about that darn BMI.

Tip: For those mushy-sappy folks who like to give their own touch to anything they do, you may serve it in a way that depicts your true personality.

Note: It's a side dish, but our* absolute love for it tempts us into making dinner-sized quantities that we gobble up in 5 minutes!

* Me a fan since childhood, when mamma used to make these as a treat, and the hubs who HATES brinjal and ABHORS baingan-ka-bharta too, but throughly loves these!

Note: You can also try the same with potatoes, slightly raw pumpkins, and neerphaNas (I have no idea what they call it in English or Hindi, but it's a miniature version of jackfruit, never turns sweet, and is used to make subzis... know this?)

Update: Hunting the internet grounds brought me to what I think is the closest to or may be the same as neerphaNas--the breadfruit.


Rashmi said...

omigod! look at the beauties. shall be tried soon. :)

simplypallu said...

Tell me how you and Chets like 'em!

Eve* aka JB said...

aha....nahi...never tried them this way. the begun bhaaja mentioned in my minus the rice crisps. Marinated in sarson-tel-turmeric-red-chilli-salt...let to sit. Then deep fried to a nice deep brown or darker. Hmm. Shall use this as a snack for the next aussie bbq and serve with tabasco and a little, special egg-dish on top or some brie. This sounds perfect. thanks!

simplypallu said...

Thank you! Your deep-fried version will also be tried soon :)