Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My little baby

...just turned into a young lady. At 7.5 months. Gone are the carefree days of puppy-hood. Heck, it's time to use Carefree ...err if she was human!

I now understand what MM keeps yapping about. Sort of.


(Runs away in angst.)


Double-Dolphin said...


cluelessness said...

OMG! She is sooo cute!

Can I please showoff my own dalmation/mutt here?? My mommy pride cant just contain itself.....


I adopted mine when he was 1. I think I missed out on his puppy phase :(

simplypallu said...

I'm just going to see he's too good even before visiting your site. Dalmations rule!
Coming over for a look now :)

momofrs said...

Hi Pallu,

You have a great blog. I hopped over here from Unmana's.
Love your sense of humour....

Gotta get back to reading the rest of your posts now :)

Much love,

simplypallu said...

Thank you, momofrs, for dropping by. I wish my husband appreciates my sense of humor as much as you do. He thinks I'm forever plotting to drive him crazy (and not in a good way)!

G said...

Aww! She is so cute! :)