Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Grandpups

Just so I get something up in May.... here's what kept me busy since April... inspite of being jobless.

The Easter bunnies who looked like rats but were actually dogs.

In 5 weeks, they grew up to be spotted and spunky little critters of destruction. Or, as the hubs calls them, The Cuteness Guns... they've got killer looks!

The slightly-confused-but-happy-to-find-new-playmates-pop and the pissed-with-the-progeny-that-howls-at-night-pop-pop... my cousin unknowingly managed to capture the best picture yet of these two together.

The brilliantly instinctive mamma who got all 8 of them out and cleaned in 4 hours flat and the rather proud and goofily happy nanna holding up the firstborn to tie a colored thread around his neck for identification... they were both glued to the pups the first couple of days.

It's been a thrilling, tiring, breath-taking, back-breaking, exhilarating, and exhausting ride. Sadly, we can't afford to keep any of them... neither have the money nor the time. I hope the li'l ones find takers who really care for them and love them like we do ours. Or better. Till then I'm just a wobbly pot of mush.

When I'm not yelling at them to STOP-TEARING-THE-PAPER-THAT-YOU'RE-SUPPOSED-TO-PEE-ON! Or wiping pee and scooping poop. Or preparing their feeds. Or feeding them. Or washing pee-drenched cloth. Or feeding / walking their parents. Sigh!