Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yes, that's what I am, these days. But naturally, considering that we've recently changed cities, switched jobs, and are house-and-car-hunting. Not to forget that it's tax payment time. The backlog of chores is never cleared. There's always something left to be done. This, despite the fact that I took a month off between leaving the previous job and reporting to the new one! I'd planned a million things to refresh myself before I got into the daily grind again, none of which ever happened. There were books to be read, blog posts to be written, swimming to done, massages to be taken, sunsets to be enjoyed, exercise and diet to be planned, trips to be made, and a lot more unwinding to be done. The book I began to read had to be returned to the library since I had to move to another city. The blog posts required an Internet connection; the cyber cafe I visited had keyboards from hell. I went for swimming one evening and caught a bad cold the very next day. The massage sessions were to be abandoned abruptly since the cold was followed by a bout of fever. By the time I finished the days' chores, I was too tired to drag myself to the rooftop to watch the sunsets. There were numerous exercise and diet plans in my mind but none of them ever got implemented. Fortunately, we could do a nice little day trip thanks to my uncle, but that was the one and only highlight of my so-called vacation between jobs. But I have to go on this way until I find a house worth buying, before the property rates soar well above our "aukaad". Just to make this post not look so sad, I'm gonna end it with pretty pictures I took during the trip to Tamhini ghat.

Yes, it was a four-lane road when we began... then it trickled down to an almost-two-lane ghat.

We saw such beauty while driving down... to no particular destination.

So we had to park our car...

...and get our feet in there!

Even the rocks couldn't help but sustain life!

We drank the water from this tiny spring trickling down the stones. And the water was pure bliss. Did I mention that the water taps in house brought in murky water? But this was pristine!

A lonely, half-dead tree amongst the greenery. This fella would also sprout into more branches a while later. It was just the beginning of monsoon!

That's a river bed, my friends, and those aren't people potty training, those are barks of trees that grew out of there decades ago.

One of the few cute little stray mushrooms we encountered.

This is where we made our final halt...

...before turning back to the way home.

And on the return journey, this is what gave us company all along.

So we took some pits stops, yet again ;-)

Oh, and all this was accompanied by a sumptuous meal of misal-poli, kaanda-bhaji, and steaming hot chai and coffee :D Basically, this whole trip made up for the relaxation and rest that I couldn't get during my vacation. Now, when I get my car, you know where to find me on weekends. Not to forget: for all the inconvenience and irritating things and people that overwhelmed me, this was the one good thing that made me feel euphoric.
He he eh eheh!
Sorry, but that's the latest addition to my peculiar habits--the villainous laugh.