Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Am I THAT boring?

Traditional and comforting.

You focus on living a quality life.

You're not easily impressed with novelty.

Yet, you easily impress others.

You are a...
Cheese Pizza

Really? Not even a mushroom pizza??
Now, I've always liked Margherita, but it's been ages since I've eaten one. How can I be one?


I should try another eatable personality test that will assess my cool quotient correctly.

Maybe ice-cream! But then I don't want to turn out to be a Vanilla ice-cream, though I like it. Ummmm, Butterscotch?

Or maybe I should just go eat some instead of imagining myself as one. To be li(c)ked by all those people out there?! Eewww!!

Sometimes I forget

...that we really are spouses. Him and I, of course.

The other day, my MIL and SIL were narrating some incidents and ticked off a list of boys in their family who got married recently. When they took my hubby's name, for a couple of seconds there, I thought to myself... "Oh, wow! When did this guy get married?!"

And then I turned to the hubby who was sitting beside me, saw his face, and recognition dawned. "Oh, yeah. I know when."

And I burst out laughing :D