Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How can you drag yourself

...out of bed every morning, when you have one of these curling up beside you?

This one even tries to knock me off my pillow.

They're the bestest dogs in the night--they sleep on their own mattresses and never wake us unless the door is closed and they want to go pee. But, come morning and our bed beckons. They love to snuggle in with us and thereby toss away any plans we might have made to wake up early. And we want to wake up early to walk them. So they can pee and poop to their heart's content. Outside. But they've already done all of that in the balcony before snuggling in with us. You see the vicious circle here? Gah!


@p@rn@ said...

Hee hee.. with them arnd .. no-one can blame you for getting up late :D

simplypallu said...

The irony is that we got them home to introduce some discipline in our lives.

Peeves said...

Hehehe, they had guessed your plans way before you could ever implement yours. So now you need to change according to their plans. :) Naughty ones they are.