Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unforgiving and forgetting

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Triggered by TMM's dilemma (?)

I believe that the world still spins peacefully only because I'm not a witch (and, therefore, my curses don't work). I encounter many people who make my day more interesting (by acting arrogant, uncivilized, and sometimes downright stupid). To each one of those, I wish many interesting returns. Here, take your pick:
  • May you hear Himesh Reshamiya in your own head day in and day out.
  • May your neighbor's dog pee on your shoes every night.
  • May one of your vehicle's tire be punctured on your way to the office, especially when you're running late.
  • May the other tire get punctured the next day.
  • May gnats drone around your head all through the imminent walk to the puncture repair shop.
  • May you never find anything of a particular size that you want when you visit any store for the next 6 months.
  • May your sweat brew up a stench during the first month after your wedding :-P
  • May each of your mobile phone get stolen within a week of its purchase.
  • May you be hit with static electrical charges, at least 32 times a day, all through the next winter.
  • May you be hiccup-ridden all through your next airplane journey.
  • May your roof leak for 3 hours on 3 random non-contiguous days, once every year.
  • May you have to spend 1 month of 12-hour workdays with the colleague you find most irritating.
Okay. I've got to quit now, because I've got to attend the 1x1 with my boss. Besides, if I continue, I fear the risk of finding myself in at least one of the above situations. You never know when your jinxes would backfire!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Me? Growing up? Surprisingly, yes!

This is a quick post off the top of my head. Some thought that just caught me in the tracks.

I was talking to my dad over the phone this morning and he mentioned that mom has lost her new spectacles during a bus journey. She tucked them into a pouch attached to the seat ahead of her before she dozed off for the night. Upon waking up the next morning (possibly in a hurry because she reached her destination), she alighted without taking them along.

Now, why wasn't I surprised?

She had lost dad's wrist watch somewhere in the apartment's parking lot just a couple of days before. Now, don't ask me what she was doing with his watch in the parking lot. She neither follows a strict schedule, nor does she drive. So she has no valid explanation for having the watch on her self. And then she cried for at least an hour, alone, before she called me to share the news.

By the way, my dad keeps forgetting umbrellas in places. He must have lost about half a dozen of them over the years. Not to forget a couple of tiffin boxes and his helmet.

I was pretty calm when all of these events occurred. How come? Beats me! Maybe I've just grown up and become more patient.

Had something like this happened when I was a kid, I would have loved to yell at them or at least taunt them about being as absent minded as I was. Which I did, when my mom lost her purse a couple of times during my school-going years. And that was sweet revenge, because, obviously, I was yelled at when I forgot things.

And now, when it's their turn to turn forgetful with age (that's silly to say because they're not even 60 yet, but...) I think I'm being pretty gracefully understanding. And I feel this sweet halo around my head ;-)

Snootiness apart, another reason for my calmness could be that they're not losing anything that is earned by me. To a certain extent it is rational that parents get angry with their kids when they break or lose things bought with money that they have really worked hard for. And, usually, kids respond in the same manner when it's their turn to earn and support their parents. And then, there are those wonderful kids who learn from life, become wise, patient, and treat their people kindly. I only pray that I grow into the latter. Amen!