Thursday, July 09, 2009


When we relocated to Pune two years back, I was overwhelmed, but it all eased out after that trip.

So, when the monsoon set in this year, we couldn't resist the temptation to do an encore. The last time, it was my uncle and I who introduced my hubs to this piece-of-heaven. This time, it was the hubs and I, passing on the experience to my friend gudiya. Oh, and to our pups. They mostly ran wild whenever their feet touched the ground, all those scents driving them crazy. We also managed to walk into a stream of sparkling water trickling from the hills. We sat on some stones there for a while, and then also took the pups in for a few minutes. They weren't particularly looking to run away, but were definitely not very comfortable in the chilly water.

This is where we made the first halt, just in case the pups wanted to do their business.

The view ahead was inviting.

Yes, I'm hiding behind the car. I don't want to traumatize you with a view of the rolls of fat.

Further ahead, we made a wrong turn, and went on to the road that joins Lonavala (where we had been a couple of times last year). Just as we were about to turn back, we noticed an open plain to the right of the road. We pulled over and prepared the pups to step out safely (put on their body-belts and harnesses).

That's gudiya entertaining them until we got the food ready.

From where we stood, this was towards the left

... a little further left

... straight ahead

... and to the right.

We went closer, and then I grabbed the camera from the hubs' hands.

He doesn't know how to take pictures with a better perspective, and he won't take any free advice. Did I have a choice? Look at that valley. Isn't that more interesting that the plateaus above? :P

There was a ridge right across, and many tiny waterfalls, or springs, if you may.

A gorge across the valley.

Gudiya was clicking away on her Sony camera-phone, while the hubs kept the pups from falling off the nearby cliff.

After feeding the pups (and making sure at least one of them peed and pooped) we turned back to our previous destination--Tamhini ghat. It was another 10 kilometers from the point where we took the wrong turn, but we were in no hurry to get back. We drove up to the point from where the road winds down the mountain into further towns and villages.

That's the sun-kissed landscape

... as seen from here :)

On the way back, we halted at a new shack for snacks. After being stuffed with kaanda-bhaji and chai, the hubs refused to drive. So it was me at the wheel for the entire 150-km trip that lasted 7 hours. But I ain't complainin', baby!