Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taggin' the bracelet along

I don't normally do this, but I'm not in a mood for work today, so taking up what N passed on here.

A few questions about bracelets, triggered by The Bracelet. I haven't been a regular reader of Ritu's blog, but I like what I read, and I guess I might like what her son wrote too.

1. What does the name suggest? Could be anything you know, even “Oops its my wife/girl friend’s birthday, what do I get her” Just put it down.

- The word always brings to my mind a silvery object with trinkets or little bells hanging off it.

2. If your loved one presented you a bracelet, what would you want it to be made of? Alternatively if you had to present a bracelet to your sweetheart, what would you pick?

a.) Gold

b) Gold and rubies

c) Diamonds babe, just diamonds

d) Whateva, its gotta be expensive and look it!

e) Simple iron kada, or a silver one. Not showy

- Option e, I think. As evident in my answer to the previous question. Of course, I wouldn't wear it everyday for the fear that it would disturb others at work.

3. Suppose your bracelet (or kada) had magical qualities (Like Aladin’s lamp) what magical qualities would you want it to have? Let your imagination run riot … anything, money, power, world domination, elixir of youth …. Just pen it down – or punch them keys

- Summon my loved ones or somehow establish contact with them wherever I am.

4. Do snakes scare you or do you get strangely fascinated by them?

- I am strangely fascinated by snakes. Except maybe a hungry anaconda. Then I'd want to get the hell out of that place.

5. Harry Potter could speak Parseltogue. Do you wish you could?

- Yeah, that would be neat. Although I'd prefer speaking canine so I'd know exactly what my dogs are trying to say.

6. What do you dream about? No this is not about day dreaming, it’s not about wishful thinking, its about being in dreamland.

- I generally dream of adventure, or sometimes about being in a crisis situation and trying to get myself out of a spot or trying to protect someone.

7. Do you remember your dreams?

- Rarely.

8. Ever had your dreams interpreted?

- Nope. Don't know whether and how much I'd trust another's interpretation.

9. Do you keep a dream diary?

- Nope. Seems like a nice idea, though.

10. Your favorite wrist jewellery?

a) Bangles

b) Bracelet

c) Expensive Watch

d) Friendship band

e) Taveez or sacred thread (mouli)

- Bracelet it is!