Monday, November 16, 2009

My husband officially the best husband of the week. (Dude, you've got to do more than that to be the husband of the year / millenium / lifetime.)

I was on leave this Monday because I had to finish a lot of chores that I couldn't do over the weekend. Because I wasn't online all day, my dude sends me this link in an offline message. Knowing that I drool all over the guy. Smooches, hubby. You are the best.

For those who cannot access the link and just because I can't have enough of him, here's Gerard Butler.
[Nicked from 'ere:]

Ooooh, and as if that wasn't sufficient, he also sent me Mattie the mutt
...who is promptly going to adorn my cellphone wallpaper.
[Some angel posted it here:]

I guess one whole day of doing chores and watching half a movie and the ending of another that we both wanted to see was worth it to get such sweet gifts from you. Mmmuaah!


NuttyNits said...

I love this guy!! Saw the Ugly Truth recently
You know what!! He is Irish!! Wish to see him somwhere down the lanes.. he he he giggles..

The dog is also super cute!!

simplypallu said...

Correction, he is Scottish :)
That's the first thing I googled after watching P.S., I Love You, so that I could decided whether to go to Ireland for a freak chance of bumping into him. :P
Also, didn't like The Ugly Truth so much. I mean, anyone could have done that role. Must watch: 300.

NuttyNits said...

Scottish.. okies np still close :P
Yeah hav seen 300.. I cried while watching it.. amazing it wz.You are right.. Ugly truth thingy any one could have done.. especially our SRK!!