Monday, December 14, 2009

Has it been so long

...that I need a cellphone reminder to tell me that it's our anniversary today? Well, I could blame it on the weekend full of chores and no time for ourselves that made us drop dead in the bed last night--no energy for even thinking about today.

I woke up this morning, let Fibi out, and snuggled in with you only to have Mojo jump around and sniff and settle on us, breathing heavily into our ears. So then I let Fibi join in and jump over us too. As I pulled myself out of the warm, comforting husband-and-dog-pile-on-the-mattress and headed for a bath, I noticed the phone blinking and wondered irritably what other task I was supposed to do today--only to be surprised by the anniversary reminder. After which I ran to you excitedly, passing on the reminder. Some hugs and kisses and rather childish lovey-dovey wishes later, we got back to chores. Which involved you feeding the dogs and me getting ready and playing with them until it was time to drag my sorry ass to work. All the while thinking about having one whole day at home, with you on the sofa, me lying in the bean bag, snuggling with the dogs, watching a silly sci-fi movie, and NOT DOING OR THINKING ABOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE. Sigh!

We've spent all these years doing something or the other (work, watching movies, pigging out on food, long drives, household chores) and always postponing important things like attempting to have a healthier lifestyle and having more time off for 'ourselves'. Maybe it's time we start focussing on those things now. Otherwise we'll always be tired and whiny even after weekends. We'll have a happy anniv, hon, some day.

Till then, here's the pic of the year:
We're doing a good job of hiding those hideous tummies, but we still look a li'l horizontally stretched, don't we?

Chill, sweetheart, it's just a reminder of where we are and where we want to go back to, which is this...
I've merged the images, but the rest is all reality--only 3 years and a dozen kilos earlier. Just like our current reality is close to the Michelin Man.

Ok, stop throwing things at me. Focus, focus!!


Peeves said...

Happy Anniversary dear! Have a wonderful life together!

NuttyNits said...

Happy Anniversary sweetz..

Its not too bad. You are so involved wid your life (which majorly revolves around ur husband) that you may missout on same dates..

By the way just FI ..I'm not sure if you know but ur husband has been mine and my hubs friend and I vaguely remember him speaking of you when we wer in college.

PS: Please do somthing about those unwanted kilos..u look sooo pretty without thm!!

simplypallu said...

Peeves: Thanks, lady!

Nits: Well, this could have been true if a) you did your post-grad together in ILS Ahemdabad, and b) if he knew me back then.
We met at our respective first jobs, and the one and only girlfriend he had was during grad years in Indore. But yeah, it would have been interesting to have such an acquaintance.
Also, did I mention that he's the kind of person who would NEVER mention his GF or any such personal thing unless you pestered and begged and fried his brains out :P

NuttyNits said...

oh ya.. believe me we all pestered him a lot in college ;) he wz sweet enuf to put up wid all tht.. We wer together in GLSICT n he used to do a lot of quirky stuff back then ..he wud say he does it to overcome his fear of hieghts. Couple of times almost gave me a heart attack!!

simplypallu said...

Ahha, this gets interesting! He NEVER mentioned to me that you were a friend, probably because he doesn't know you visit my blog? And yes, it was GLS, I can't remember these things. I confused it with ILS in Pune where my dad studied. LOL!
Now come on, spit out more about the quirky stuff. I wanna know all of it. He's never gonna tell me anything. Nor would he admit to any stories I hear :D
I keep ribbing him about his ex-GF now and then, and he quickly retreats into his denial shell. Bugger. But he's so cute, na? ;-)

NuttyNits said...

yes very cute :D
Actually I have told him tht I follow ur blog .. may be he thot it was better this way :P

I distinctly remember having heard him talk about Pallu..thts y thot its gotta be you. Not sure if he made up some name just to get rid of us [Miracle!! if so ..he actually met Pallu :D]. Bout the fear of hieght stuff.. he used to jump across terrace walls of our college which was a 5 storey building! Once I saw him standing on top of the window perch of our lab (on 4th floor) and I wz totally freaked out. But usually he was kinda person hu wz lost in his own world. It wz impossible to mak him do somthing he didn want to... n no matter how much we irked him he would smile back... which amazed me :)

NuttyNits said...

When I say better this way meant.. we knoing each other without his reference ;)

simplypallu said...

That is typical P1. Won't say anything until asked.
And, it STILL is impossible to make him do something he doesn't want to, like getting out of bed, doing chores, etc. You have no idea about the plans that I have to hatch in order to make things. There's a certain way I talk to him, maska marofy and all that if I need something done.
And thanks for those stories. Teasing fodder for the week. (I won't be able to stay strong if he pesters me to tell him how I found out!)

NuttyNits said...

ha ha worries.. hav fun..

Anonymous said...

Awww...thats so cute!!

You had the guts to post the before and after pics.
Am not that strong!!! 3 years have run havoc with my body :(

Belated though it is, many good wishes being blown your way :)

simplypallu said...

Thank you, momofrs. Good wishes for you to get back in shape and fitness too. Hugs.
But again, aapko sab maaf hai. You've got twins, woman!