Thursday, October 08, 2009

CY 09 Q3 Analysis

This one's quite simple. All plans to turn any of my previously mentioned hopes into reality have gone out of the window. I started working on it with gusto, and tried to keep track once or twice, but by now all my energy has run out and I have given up.

I want to give it all up, actually. I want a whole different life, but I'm stuck with the choices I made. One choice in particular. I could shrug it all off and be free, but that would put a whole bunch of people in distress. And I can't afford anything more weighing on my conscience. So I'll try and stick it out, clinging to my leftover sanity.

I won't even bother with an analysis at the end of this CY, because it would require me to explain in great detail what a fool I am. That is common knowledge to people around me, and I think I'll spare the internet from this gyaan.