Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hopes for 2009

Resolutions are not my cup of tea / coffee / milk / whatever. I simply suck at sticking to them. Hence the title.

So what do I hope to achieve this year?
  1. Spend at least an hour a day for /with myself, doing one of my favorite activities: walking / reading / swimming / hiking / meditating (something I confess to not have done in the past 2 years due to sheer laziness)
  2. LOSE WEIGHT (I won't set unrealistic goals, but 5 kgs would be good start--see how I choose the smallest battle possible? heh!)
  3. Proactively and efficiently do more than just what I'm told to do at work--I make plans all the time, but never really see them through... this year, I'm gonna break the habit (not a hope, but a promise)
  4. Be forthright with everyone without being rude (this is a hard one, especially when all people want of you after 2 years of marriage is to make babies... AAARGHH!)
  5. Make at least two long road trips (not just the lousy 100 / 200 kms to Lonavla / Panchgani)
If I can stay put with these till June, I'll do another semi-annual goal-setting.


Synchronicity Diva said...

Great expectations of others from us (point 4) is what scares me...

simplypallu said...

I wonder why people always feel like we owe something to them! It's so irritating! Not to mention that it arrests the development of souls, don't you think?

G said...

I can encourage you to follow point no. 1 here. Esp the hiking part..

Which weekend, bolo?

simplypallu said...

We could start in February. I'll be happy to take to Sinhagad. If we're running short of time, we can simply go up the hillock near Chandni Chowk (beside/behind the petrol pump).

simplypallu said...

Start small and go steady... et al :)

G said...

Oh yes! We climb the tekadi between Pashan and Baner every weekend. :)
It has become a routine but still feels overwhelming after reaching the top everytime. :)