Thursday, April 02, 2009

CY 09 Q1 Analysis

Because I don't want get to my planned mid-year analysis and be shocked at what I haven't achieved :P

So the goals-analysis goes like this (Jan-Mar 2009):
  1. Spend at least an hour a day for /with myself, doing one of my favorite activities: walking / reading / swimming / hiking / meditating (something I confess to not have done in the past 2 years due to sheer laziness)
    Laziness continues to rule my days, but I do swim more often now (twice or thrice a week, without actually dragging myself to do it!), and have also joined a Kathak class (yay!) and I practice the bols more heartily than actual steps :)
  2. LOSE WEIGHT (I won't set unrealistic goals, but 5 kgs would be good start--see how I choose the smallest battle possible? heh!)
    I did lose a kilo in February, but I didn't count how much I put on before I started losing. Also, I think I regained that kilo or more during March, so the next week or so will be spent huffing and puffing so that when I land on the weighing machine at the doctor's in about a week, I'll have lost another kilo.
  3. Proactively and efficiently do more than just what I'm told to do at work--I make plans all the time, but never really see them through... this year, I'm gonna break the habit (not a hope, but a promise)
    I'm a tad slow on this one until now, but should pick up because I'll be setting my goals for FY10 soon. And I installed ManicTime to keep a tab on where I while away my time (not that I didn't know, but seeing the numbers actually drives in some shame, so I try to keep away from distractions).
  4. Be forthright with everyone without being rude (this is a hard one, especially when all people want of you after 2 years of marriage is to make babies... AAARGHH!)
    Hmm, there haven't been many situations where I'd have to use this, but that would be because we mostly avoid most kinds of social situations. Also, this is difficult to do with elders, especially relatives and in-laws. People my age or younger would get a piece of my mind if they bother with this topic.
    Also, people expect women to provide the family with all sorts of culinary delights after marriage. I hate cooking when I'm supposed to do it. So after getting my brain wrapped around the fact that no one can coax me into it, I've started cooking more frequently. The inspiration being a little more inclination towards savings and health.

  5. Make at least two long road trips (not just the lousy 100 / 200 kms to Lonavla / Panchgani)
    Already started on this one. It's not too easy due to the lightening of pockets that comes along with it, but one a quarter is not bad, is it?
Not bad, eh? Even if I say so myself. (I don't believe in toturing myself to achieve things.)


Rashmi said... How is it? I mean I am sure you are having fun but tell us more difficult do you find it..which are the parts you like best...another post? I really wanna know more.

simplypallu said...

Sure, hey, this is a great idea. I'll start another blog dedicated to this topic. Now I know there'll be a tonne of info about this on the net, but I'd like to maintain my personal notebook online.
Will let you know when done :) Thanks again for the idea.

Rashmi said...

ok. waiting. :)

simplypallu said...

Here goes...

Double-Dolphin said...

Why don't you try this thingy a lot of us are doing...

simplypallu said...

I was on for a while. Which was about the time I created the ID, checked it once after a week, before completely forgetting about it (and now ignoring their reminder emails).
I contemplated starting a fitness blog to track my activities for a while, but that's as far as I could go. So, for now, thanks but no thanks.
(And I've been stuffing my face with 2 packs of butter pop-corn each of the past 3 evenings. So don't even try to get me feeling guilty, coz the mind feels so elated at the moment.) I'm waiting for the day when I'll feel nauseated at the thought of food, and want to survive on water for a few days. Done that earlier... felt damn good, although I know I'll never starve myself forcibly.

Double-Dolphin said...

New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! New Post!!! YEAH!!!

simplypallu said...

Double-Dolphin: thanks for the push! You'll find one here: