Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Patterns and numbers

I just noticed that my number of blog posts
... in the first year
= p1 = 12
... in the second year
= p2 = p1 x 2 + 2 = 26
... in the third year
= p3 = p2 x 2 + 4 = 56

If the pattern continues
... in the fourth year
= p4 = p3 x 2 + 6 (or 8, I could twist it the way I want ;-))
... which means I could write 118 or 120 posts this year. Hmm. I hope they aren't all fake posts like this one.

Also, the pattern will surely not continue the next year onwards, 'coz there's no way I can write 256 posts in a year. Well, unless I decide to write about the number of boogers I pick in a day, or day to day reports about the quality of my dogs' poop, or the decibel levels achieved when squabbling with the hubby (did I beat my mother's score yet?).


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh give it a shot, Pallu. What's the worst that can happen? Poop is important, you know. Ask any mommy around.

simplypallu said...

Thanks for boosting my morale, OJ. I don't think anything worse can happen in this part of the blog world. Maybe I'll find a few trolls who bash my poop-talk. I look forward to that!
And yes, I didn't think of it from the mommy perspective. That's a good one.