Thursday, October 08, 2009

Isn't it true international integration

... when dancers of African and north-east Asian origin
perform a Bollywood routine
choreographed by Californians of Indian origin
on an American TV show
produced and hosted by people of European origin (English, to be precise)
judged by English and American people
and cheered on by a bunch of Americans?

So You Think You Can Dance rocks! Thank you, Nigel.

(Yes, yes, I'm way behind the times... I'm watching season 4, which was aired way back in 2008, but which is being repeated on one of the channels only now. I can't even remember which cannel, 'coz hubby dearest has programmed it for recording, and we watch those at our convenience, skipping the adverts. BIG yay for Tata Sky+!!)

Also, in a way, the decked-up Katie reminds me of Effe.

On a side note: what do you do with a husband whom you've invited for a romp in the marital bed (like RNM says), but who prefers to watch a 2-hour session of the aforementioned program instead?


Double-Dolphin said...

Aha! So do you download old episodes of your favorite TV shows?

simplypallu said...

We have both FRIENDS and SYTYCD set for recording. We check and record the rest as we wish. What doesn't air on TV, gets downloaded off the internet.