Friday, May 30, 2008

Random weekend plan - I

Updated inline. Like this.

My mom's coming over this weekend! But that's no reason for me to be excited, because:
  • She calls me so often and talks for so long that I have to cut her off at times (also that she mostly forgets the important things she had to discuss)
  • She'll be gone in a jiffy. Sunday afternoon through Monday morning is all that she's here for... on her way to Chinmaya Mission, Siddhabadi.
  • During most of her stay here, we'll be mobbed by relatives. No, no, she's not the star amongst them. There are other, more obvious reasons explained henceforth.
My weekend plan begins with work: washing the dusty containers that have been adorning the kitchen platform since a week (remnants of the previous weekend's kitchen cleaning expedition). And getting my husband to do other trivial jobs like:
  • vacuuming the living room (because this is where we idle around eating and dropping stuff, and I swept the whole damn house a couple of days before--while watching So You Think You Can Dance),
  • hiding moving extra items from the balcony to under-the-bed (he was supposed to do that last week),
  • cleaning the damn TV trolley that stands used and abused by the nephew-in-law (because he watches the TV and does little else).
Only the TV trolley got lucky.

Then we clean ourselves and drive our arses to the station to pick my mom, and drive straight to my maternal uncle's house. Why? Because the bloody bugger (and I say this in extreme envy) is going for a trek to and around Manas Sarovar. We all want to see him in case he decides to never come back. No, really, there is a possibility. And no, he's not ready for vanaprasthashram (the link is just to help introduce the term; I googled it and do not necessarily know or agree with all that it says) yet. He's just as whimsical as the rest of his family (including me) is. We plan to, sort of, expedite his decision by vandalizing his house on Saturday.

If he survives that and still wants to go, we'll drop him to the railway station at 3:00 am and then the gang moves over to my house for a repeat act! I've warned the hubs about it, and he has volunteered to spend the day at office to protect his sanity and take care of me (which I very much doubt) when everyone has left. What I am worried about is the efforts, which I have spent cleaning the house my way after the in-laws left, will go down the drain. I'll have to start over again. But when I think about it again, I think my relatives will not be as bad because they'll mess up the house my way. Okay. Enough of this. Whom am I kidding? They'll be too busy pulling our legs and making rude jokes about the 12+ kilos that we've each put on. And the fact that we didn't involve or invite everyone during our wedding. And, possibly, that we did not perform the traditional house-warming puja / ceremony.

We did create enough ruckus at my uncle's place to be driven out of the building. It didn't happen that way probably because the neighbors were away. Or creating a ruckus of their own. Anyway. We dropped him to the railway station at 2:00 am, came back, and slept like logs for a few hours.

Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun-filled, noisy, maniacal laughter, lots of driving around, and the horrendous possibility of us having to watch our wedding and reception videos if the relatives insist. Good times.

On the way to my house, we had breakfast, and then the older ladies started planning a trip to an ashram out of the town. We kids wen ahead in a car, and had our baths by the time the ladies turned up. Of course, they took the long route rather than follow us li'l smarties. By the time everyone sat their arses on the various mattresses and couches, I got chilled Khus sherbat ready to refresh them. The ladies immediately dumped their travel plans and continued chatting for the next couple of hours. I went into the ktichen to prepare lunch and then the various aunties took turns helping me. We had pooris and aamras (mango pulp) till we could have no more. We immediately cleaned up and then got our arses back to the older locations to continue chit-chatting. Meanwhile my no-longer-so-little cousins and not-quite-large-yet husband had finished wathing their respective cartoons. Later I had to run back to the city to drop an aunt and her son and get a couple of chores done on the way. The rest of them left in the meanwhile.

Once I got back, me and the hubs dragged mom out for a short drive in the car to show her around and boast of our beautiful neighborhood. Then we went out to check a bicycle for myself. I found a good one but din't buy it right away because I found it too pricey.


Sunita said...

Hi, Saw your comment at MadMomma and the moment I saw Pune, I had to jump over.
Hope you had fun!!

simplypallu said...

Thanks for dropping by, Sunita. I sure am having fun :)