Sunday, May 25, 2008

Surviving marriage - I

Points to be noted before you read on: the actions performed by one person could have just as easily been performed by the other. The intent of this post is not to highlight any one person's behavior, but to present a situation and how we got through it... er... tickled.

The loud cellphone ring of the hubs' phone woke us this morning. It was his sister calling, asking him to do run errand. That was, however, against his plans of waking up early and heading straight to office for a whole day of work (it was already 10:30 am). Someone asking (not even instructing) him to do something other than his plans (that too first thing in the morning) really pisses him off. So there he was, lying in the heat of the morning sun that our curtains aren't strong enough to restrain.

Like all clichéd wives, I like to be woken up with kisses and caresses. He was blissfully unaware that this phone call had woken me up, and that I was waiting to be pampered. So I tapped a finger onto his feet (yeah, he had turned to the other direction while talking on the phone--don't ask, I don't know why) only to be yelled at with "It's hot in here, don't touch me!!" (Or something to that effect.)

Being very raw the way I am in the mornings, his words stung me, so I retracted my paw and began sniffling. So he came around close to me, pulled me into his sheets, and began to ask why I was crying. I already had my back towards him, was in no mood to give up, and sobbed even harder. After a couple of minutes, he began flailing his sheet behind him. Within seconds the stench reached me (yeah, the bugger farted--but please refer to the beginning of the post before you judge him harshly--it could easily have been me) and I burst out laughing as if I was exposed to copious amount of nitrous oxide. And so did he. I couldn't stop laughing hysterically for the next half hour or so! And that broke the ice this morning. Otherwise we would have carried on sulking and making each other feel terrible all day.

Some times we need nature to intervene and remind us that it's okay to let your ego crumble and laugh it off. Lesson of the day: farting is fun!

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