Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For the heck of it

Updated. Somewhere in the middle. Like this.

Yes, that's exactly what this post is for. I'm breaking a long silence here, but there's nothing of any significance that I want to say. At such times, I prefer to keep my mouth shut. But, because there's no one whose ears I'm chewing off through a blog, I'll just blurt out some things that crossed my mind recently.

To begin with it's a cousin's birthday. A cousin whom I lost touch with, some 7 years ago. More like cut cords. It was a family battle of sorts and I had to take sides. Simply because I could not continue being hypocritical about her and her family. As a child, I have received much love from them. I repent that I could not reciprocate. There was no time for it. They probably are going through a bad phase right now, but it's more like they've brought it upon themselves. Whatever the situation, I still remember the relationship we shared with fondness. So, here's wishing you a happy birthday, cousin.

A couple of my college friends are getting married. One of them is now an Australian citizen. Obviously, he will be here only for the wedding and will hardly have any time for meet-ups. However, there is another friend from the same group, who will be here for the occasion and, possibly, to look for a life partner himself. Yes, the great Indian arranged marriage. So, I'm hoping to milk the situation and call as many folks from that group as possible, over to my new house. The shameless, selfish bitch that I am, I never bothered to consult with my hubs, but I know he'll be okay with it. After all, all he has to do is follow my orders and clean the house sit around and chat with people, while I clean the house, prepare the food, and play hostess. Or he could just sulk in his corner while we merrily catch up and walk down the streets of nostalgia. Sigh! I'm really looking forward to my moronic friends responding to this call, though. Most of them are big lazy asses like me. At least I try! This is the second such invite and I don't think I'll be inclined to send out another one if they disappoint me this time.

None of my friends ever responded to that invitation email I sent them. I was pissed, to say the least. But the suckers made up for it by paying a surprise visit. I happened to be 40 kms away from the city, driving towards Lavasa. Only for a drive. Not to look for property. We can't afford one there, obviously. And boy, what a drive it was! The road was lovely, the weather would have been great if we had started a couple of hours later in the evening. Okay, back to my friends. So we chit-chatted, and since they, very sensibly and cunningly came without prior notice, so that I wouldn't find the time to cook, I ordered pizza. We stuffed our faces, and then went out for some more. Ice-cream, that is. It was a Baskin and Robbin's evening before we parted ways to return to our nests. Me married, carrying hubby along, one guy whose wife delivered a baby girl a week back, one guy actively looking for an arranged-marriage-type life partner, and another girl in the same process. These past couple of months have seen two other guys from our college group getting engaged. Where have all the simpler things in life gone? Like debating about which lecture to bunk, or which question paper was the most difficult, leaving us with minimum chances of getting through the year, or what to order at our favorite tapri? Hmmmm, seems like some of us will be re-living those moments with their children in a few more years.

Did I mention why I have time to think of such things? Simple. My in-laws left yesterday. Liberation time for me and hubs. Now we can prance around semi-nude in the house and not think of shocking our family members. Well, mostly we're just found lazing around on the couch stuffing ourselves and watching English movies. Or Discovery, NatGeo, Travel and Living, and Cartoon Network. I picked up on Ben 10 lately. One of hub's favorites. I don't follow it completely, yet, but at least I watch it with him without nagging him to change channels.

Things I want to do over the next few months:
- Continue swimming to improve my strokes and stamina
- Buy and use a bicycle for a morning / evening workout
- Join a Kathak class
Yes, I'm trying to lose weight. Basically, I think I have way too many clothes that I don't fit into, and I don't really like shopping. I'd rather shed some kilos and fit into my nice old ones. I'm sick and tired of hiding all 60 kilos of me behind a salwaar-kameez. Let the jeans, t-shirts, and flowery short skirts tumble out of the closet and onto me. All that's lacking is some solid inspiration. Pleading with the Universe everyday to grant me some.

End of random ramblings post.