Friday, May 16, 2008

A bedtime story

A couple of nights ago, the hubs sweetly put me to sleep. Yeah, I'm sad like that. For most of the day you could catch me yawning, but when it's time to hit the bed, I'm stubbornly wide awake. So, when my darling is not too busy sleeping himself, he nuzzles me to sleep.

It was past midnight, and in a few hours, I was awakened by a silly, scary dream. I looked around the room and I could see all the adjoining doors and windows open, the curtains flowing wildly in the breeze. It was spooky and I needed to hide into the hubs' warm, soft-skinned chest and go back to sleep. Expect that he was so sound asleep that I didn't want to wake him. Not simply because that would disturb him, but because one of the many things he absolutely hates is being woken up from his always-peaceful-slumber. He breathes fire on anyone who dares to get him out of that heaven of his.

So, I lay there, close beside him for 3 hours, tossing and turning, hoping that he would wake on his own and cuddle me. The only thing that broke his spell was the milkman who rang the doorbell at 6:00 am. Of course, he got a verbal thrashing! Now, we've told the milkman right from day 1 that he is not to ring the doorbell at any cost (unless it's time to collect the bill, of course). We tie the plastic bag, where he can drop the milk packets, to the door and leave a note mentioning the amount we need that day. Convenient, right? So, when we did not tie the bag in place for 2 consecutive days, he probably was worried ;-)

Anyway, so once my darling hubs got back to bed, I told him that I had been waiting for him to hold me since the past 3 hours. He took me in his arms at once and we dozed off again, only to wake up when the whole non-PST world was already in the office. He found it rather funny that I didn't dare to wake him up and suffered 3 sleepless hours alone. He laughed and joked about it with me the whole day. And I kept reminding him what a monster he is to anyone who even accidentally wakes him up. Bugger.

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