Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fast food junkies

That's us. Me and hubs. Evident, isn't it, from what we ate since the past 5 days. Here's how it went:

The in-laws left for their hometown last Tuesday evening. MIL had kindly cooked for us along with the food that they prepared to pack and take along for the journey. So that is what we had on Tuesday evening when we returned home late at night.

Wednesday didn't bring up a particular mood for cooking, so we went to a nearby restaurant where my long-standing craving for a pasta was fulfilled. Of course the serving was too much for two, so we got the remainder packed. The hubs stuffed himself with some lip-smacking honey-chilly-potatoes.

I had back-to-back meetings through Thursday evening that went on till 10:30, so dinner was out of question. We got home, changed into our skimpy clothing (to beat the heat, of course) and planted our posteriors on the sofa for a night of television and finishing some more left-overs from MIL's cooking: chivda (a mixture of fried items that includes rice flakes, groundnuts, chillies, onion, etc) and mathri (another fried item made from maida spiced with a fine paste of onion and green chillies).

Friday morning was just another day when we swore to wake up early and do some exercise. As it happens all most of the time, we slept straight through those planned-exercise-hours and woke up mildly disappointed with ourselves. To overcome the disappointment not waste any more time on lunch, we decided to have brunch. So hubs was told to make some Maggi noodles for himself. For me, out came the Wednesday's left-over pasta from the fridge and onto the frying pan. I don't remember if we had anything for the rest of the day, but the night went something like this. We had two capsicum peppers, which were not enough to make sabzi but too much to just add as a flavoring to anything else. So what did I do? Well, I used some good ol' besan paste laced with turmeric, red chilli powder and salt and made pakodas. Hee hee. The only thing close to a meal we had this week was the moong-daal-ki-khichadi I prepared that night.

We had our favorite activity planned for Saturday morning. A movie. So off we went after the bath and the pseudo-mandatory glasses of Bournvita. Prince Caspian was yummy, but sadly he had no emotions to be displayed. Also, I couldn't follow the story as easily as I picked up the The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Felt the need to read the book this time. Also, I was more interested in Aslan that in anyone else. That's my dream... to have a lion that I can cuddle with (minus the lion breath of course). But, I digress. We sat through the movie without any snacks because we were looking forward to going to the Burger King outlet some 7 kms away to dig our teeth into the best (and cheapest) burger on earth. We did just that. And ogled at the dogs there. Did I mention our craving for a pair of nice pet dogs? Whom we can play with when we wish, but can pretend they don't exist when they barf whatever crap they've been eating off the roads? And expect them to clean their own mess (don't ask me how). Oh, sorry, we're talking about food. Yeah. We were so stuffed that we drove across the city with the air conditioning on full blast, undressed as soon as we reached home as if we'd ants crawling up the clothes, switched on the fan, and lay down for a nap. Two hours straight. But all that Saturday morning celebration had done wonders for my mood and I got to work , cleaning the kitchen (read: scrubbing and washing everything in sight) for the next 4 hours. Till the hubs wailed and complained that HE WAS HUNGRY. Hmph. I asked him thrice about what he wanted to eat. He either didn't hear it, or he ignored it. It's his favorite tactic to annoy me. So I decided that the nearest Smokin' Joe's outlet was the right spot for us. With that done, we went for a short drive, a short walk, and then perched ourselves for a short while on the benches beside the neighborhood mini-park. Talking about why the moon appears the way it does. Does it revolve in the same direction in which the earth rotates? Okay, that was way too much information than anyone would want to hear. So I move on.

What? You thought it was over? No, sir! My alarm cheated on me this Sunday morning and so I couldn't go swimming as planned. I woke up two hours later than I thought I would and so went straight to the kitchen to clean up and make breakfast before the monster-husband woke up and gobbled me whole. Turns out, I took so long to wash the remainder of the utensils (including the stove) that the hubs was up and bathed already! So I instructed him about what and how I wanted for the morning meal and ran off to bathe myself. On the menu today was boiled eggs (only because I wanted to use the new slicer I bought last week), toast, and cold coffee. Hubs did 90% of the work. A first in our household. I just added the finishing touches, mostly because my stomach was rumbling I like to do my share of work. Psst! Don't tell him, but I loved what he made.

Food update over. You are now free to do whatever important work you were doing. If you are not already tempted to have some of the aforementioned things right now, that is.

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