Saturday, June 14, 2008

One of the many trips to Sinhagad

Last weekend, me and a cousin had planned to drive to the base of Sinhagad and hike to the top. Here's a view a couple of a kilometers from the base.

But just as I was about to park, we both chickened out (mostly alarmed at the crowds arriving to hike up) and drove to the top instead. Here's what we encountered on the road. It had just begun raining less than 5 days ago, and look at the green trees already!

We looked around at the neighboring villages below, and saw the lovely Mutha flowing by.

We took a pit stop to admire some trees at the edge of the road and the view beyond.

My trusty li'l car that happily takes me wherever I want to go (point to be noted: my maternal uncle, an expert driver from whom I got the driving bug, has not yet driven his car on this road--four years since he got it; whereas I, less than a year since I got my license and my car, driving to the top--seems like I've not completely lost it yet).

Near the parking area, which is surrounded by tiny sheds like these, where people sell hot bhajiyas with spicy chutney and chai--perfect food for the season.

Another view from the same place. Ignore my cousin... his face is in only for a perspective (yeah, my silly attempts at photography).

The villages on the other side of Sinhagad. See the thick cloud cover? They even shut out the lovely mountain ranges you see at the horizon on clear, sunny days (which include a couple of other forts).

We encountered the tiniest of frogs, and lumps of snails (this was a loner, I guess). For the first time in my life, probably because the weather induced euphoria, I thought baby frogs were cute (sorry couldn't capture them).

We walked a short distance from the parking to a place that people normally do not tread (towards the Potato Point, for those who know), and this is a view from there. Yeah, the clouds were moving in from one side and the wind was pushing them away. Hence the half-hidden lateral view of the fort.

The TV tower at the top and the winding road towards the right.

Hope that tempts you enough to visit the place if you happen to be in Pune during the monsoons. A word of caution: NEVER go there on Saturdays or Sundays after 8:00 am. The crowds pour in and make the place look like a mela. It's also heart-wrenching to see them strew the place with plastic and other waste. That's besides not being able to enjoy nature in its tranquility.


Synchronicity Diva said...

amazing pics...i don't believe it's pune.

simplypallu said...

It is, it is. Come down again, I'll take you there.