Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slacking off and miscellaneous stuff

Haven't blogged since Friday, and had a 3-day-morning-walk-holiday. Still, it's not like I feel rested or something. There's always chores. The weekend is almost spent in the kitchen. I have to make a conscious effort to not stick around there and do everything myself.

Sunday was a visit to the 'rents for lunch with the ILs. Went okay. Visited a friend of the MILs on the way back home... those ladies met 40 years since they were together in college. Wow, can't imagine how that must feel like! It was nice to watch them reminisce about the fun times they had, but the visit was very short, so we didn't get to hear a lot about their life back then. One of the good things about the ILs visiting is the stories that we get to hear about their lives as children. They almost always talk about how they went out and about, climbing trees, swimming in the river, or some such activity. It's a little sad that the future generations would miss having a carefree life closer to nature.

Makes me appreciate parents who really invest in their kids. My favorite Mad Momma, for example. Or the awesome people in this story: http://qz.com/165716/how-i-made-sure-all-12-of-my-kids-could-pay-for-college-themselves/

Then there was this couple I met in the morning, who were walking with their baby in a stroller. I was out with the dogs, off the leash. Normally, I steer them away from people, because most of them are wary of animals. This couple, however, called out to me, and asked for the dogs to get closer to the baby and say hello. Surprisingly, the pooches were a little shy today, but they did go closer and sniff the baby's feet. That tickled him so much and he let out a few gurgled-laughs. It was so cute! I was so happy to come across parents that don't scare their kids about animals.

Here's a picture of the pooches splayed on their mattresses...

Mojo has had an upset stomach since a week, but has been eating on and off. The bugger is cunning, though. We had decided to take him to the vet on Saturday, which is precisely when he started eating again. Ate well through Sunday, and was again in the food-avoidance-mode since Monday. We're going to wait and watch, he doesn't have any other symptoms. He does whine sometimes, but we don't know what to make of it.

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