Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A small victory

I woke up at the usual time this morning and had a good half an hour to do all the necessary chores before I stepped out for a walk. Yet, I lay in bed, alternating between stretching and wondering how I could manage to do those tasks in time. After about 15 minutes of this, I decided  to stop wondering and simply start acting. Things would fall in place. And they did.

I stepped into the kitchen and started preparing for breakfast, assuming that the maid would come in late, and that I need to get the snack ready before MIL goes out for her walk... she normally eats after her tea, but before she goes for a stroll. I delayed my walk so that I could get the food ready in time, but fortunately, the maid came in sooner than I expected, and I could step out not too late.

When I came back, the food was ready, but MIL was about to leave without eating. That's when she mentioned that she would eat only after she got back. And I was like: facepalm! I should have simply asked, so that I could do my walk first. Anyhoo, no sweat. There was no time or love lost.

Normally, I'd be beating myself up about not organizing things well or doing them in a particular order, but today I had decided to take things in my stride. And it worked. I spent the morning without being agitated about one thing or the other.

A couple of nice things that happened: I saw a lovely parrot in flight, directly above me today, and another teeny yellow/brown/green bird hopping on a tree top (not the one in the previous post!) yesterday. Also, on both these days, the music player on my phone played my favorite song twice in a row... I hadn't put them on a loop or repeated them in the playlist on purpose (it might have happened accidentally, but I wasn't aware of that)... it was almost as if it knew I wanted an encore. Simple things, but they made me incredibly happy!

Here's another thing that makes me incredibly happy--a picture of the rising sun that I took a couple of weeks ago. :)

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