Thursday, January 09, 2014


... with college pals these days. It's been almost 14 years since we graduated and went our separate ways. We were a bunch of 20, and we spent quite a few afternoons not attending classes. :P

A dear friend shared this gem:

I was unbelievably thin back then, but I never felt that way. I blame my ex-boyfriend for always making me feel fat and "less than". So glad it didn't work out between us. I'd be a do-bachchon-ki-maa, sitting at home, wondering when her husband would deign to spend a few minutes with her.

The funny thing is, back then, my friends knew I could do better, but never said so to me. Another dear friend mentioned that to me sometime last year. Their reason for not bothering to point out this fact to me all those years ago was: you were blindly in love... you wouldn't have listened to us anyway. They had a point. Also, this friend who confided in me, was one that I thought was the laziest and a conformist. He turned out to be a totally different person, and I appreciate him so much more today. I'm looking at you, R!

Anyhoo. I was so thrilled to get this picture yesterday (can't thank you enough, M)! I had *totally* forgotten about this. M said that it was one of our trips where I brought my dad's bike along. Man, I used to be so cool! This is a good incentive to make me want to look like that again. I don't much care for who I was, back then. It has been established that I was a fool and I thought I was very smart and I clearly wasn't. :P

So here's what I want: to be the shape I used to be at 20, to have the drive and optimism that I had at 25, and to be as pragmatic and grounded as I am today. And possibly much more wiser as I grow older, and maybe a little bit more fun.

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