Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Feeling all grown up (and amused at it!)

When I slept after midnight, I was groaning to myself that I won't be able to work out what I had planned for the next day. Although I don't know how it happened, I woke up at 7:00, and felt like sleeping in only for a few minutes before my brain took over and I sprung on my feet and got cracking. Maybe it was sound sleep that made me feel rested, and maybe it was reading The Hobbit to the hubs that gave me the sound sleep I needed. But I was glad I didn't spend any time complaining to myself and trying to stay in bed.

I freshened up, opened all the windows--an activity I love to do in the mornings--to left the cool, fresh air in, walked the dogs, bathed myself, paid the milkman, cleaned up a bit while boiling milk, and closed all the windows again so that the hot summer doesn't turn the house into an oven. I updated the sleepy hubs on the status so far and gave him instructions about the stuff to do (or not) next. Then it was time for the most important activity of the day: dropping off my new two-wheeler for its first free servicing. I wasn't keen on doing it because I didn't want to walk any distance at all in the sun. But a nice idea hit me when I reached the service station. By the time the attendant looked at other people's bikes, I walked down home and fetch the car. I reached just in time for the attendant to check my bike and hand me the job card.

I zoomed off to work and was happy to reach at my favorite hour... right before breakfast is served. My favorite activity is to set myself up at a nice, cozy corner table, switch on my laptop and get on with my day. During my first few days at the new job, I sometimes used to stay put in the cafeteria until it was lunch time and the smells of various food items pissed me off, or the laptop battery was almost completely drained. In any case, almost half my day would have passed pleasantly. It felt nice to do that again... in the past few weeks, I've had to change my work timings so that I could go play badminton on my way back home. But I've begun to think that maybe working in 2 shifts with a break in between is a good idea, and the drive home and back would be worth it. But I can never seem to stick to any kind of routine.

Anyway, getting so much done simply by springing out of bed early in the morning makes me feel all happy inside. And grown up, if I may add. Yep. I still find it surprising when I act all mature even though it's expected of me now that I'm in my 30s.

PS: It gladdened me to see a fresh bunch of flowers in the little garden patch. Who knew that the simple white bloom of Vinca can be such perfect metaphoric accomplice to the beginning of my bright day?!

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