Monday, April 09, 2012

I don't understand Monday morning blues

After a nice long weekend wanting-to-do-lots-but-actually-doing-very-little-yet-not-feeling-too-bad-about-it, I woke up as the clock struck 7:00. Except it didn't really strike anything. It didn't even chime. It must have been a sweet time in the past when grandfather clocks announced the hour of the day or when the little sparrow (or cuckoo) peeped out of a fancy clock's window and tweeted the time. Sigh! I digress.

The first thing I felt was happiness at being awake at an early hour. I wanted to walk Mojo and Phoebe before the sun started beating down on us earthlings, and this was just the right time. Then I noticed that I was lying with my head at the wrong end of the bed, my feet propped up on my pillows. I don't remember when that happened! Many a time, even if I am dreaming, I am aware of the fact that I'm dreaming. But last night must have been something. I don't remember how or when I drifted off to sleep (the hubs kindly filled me in with seemingly innocent comments about how the arm he rested on me vibrated each time I snored). Anyhoo.

The day began on a good note. I can't understand people who are 'not morning people'. It's a little strange to me how someone can not feel elated at being able to rise and shine with the sun. What I also fail to understand is why people often complain about Monday morning blues. I love going to work. Maybe I'm one of the few people who enjoy their jobs. But if your job is so much of a pain in your butt, why not do something about it? It's not like I've never felt the blues... I did, at times, when the work pressure was too much and some unreasonable tasks were expected of me... but how can a person feel blue on every Monday morning. How miserable could someone's life be?

If you were looking for a point, I'm sorry, there wasn't any that I was trying to make. Just typing out something that was going through my mind. Succumbing to the silly need to express myself. Just cuz I can. Meh. Get on with your day, folks. I hope you didn't waste your time reading upto this point.


Unmana said...

Some of us just aren't morning people! Don't get me wrong, on the rare occasion when I do get up early I'm usually happy with the quiet and the cool weather and all that. But I don't usually function well without eight hours of sleep, and since I rarely get to sleep or fall asleep before midnight, that just doesn't work.

May I say, I envy you!

Pallavi Sharma said...

Well, in your case, it's the lack of sleep that leaves you not-so-pleased with waking up in the morning. That's a good enough reason. But there are people who sleep for 9 hours and still can't feel good to wake up. P1 is such a person. He likes to sleep in the early morning hours, when the birds are chirping and the sky lights up in all those beautiful colors. I on the other hand like to stay up late in the night as well wake up early in the morning. I want the best of both worlds :D
Btw, how could you be bothered to read through that post? I'm kinda embarrassed I wrote it :P

Unmana said...


By the way, I agree: people who crib about their jobs are annoying. You just sound like a loser if you have a bad job and don't get out of it. (I mean, most people are in bad/difficult jobs once in a while, but you have to do something about it instead of ranting to other people.)