Sunday, December 05, 2010


Last night was miserable. And it bled into Monday morning. I've had a throbbing in my head all day. (Hubby would like to say that there was something in there for a change.) Worked only half a day today.

Received news of the demise of a colleague / good friend's father. It happened on Friday, and as expected, I was informed from other sources. I did speak to the friend later, and am amazed at how calmly his Libran personality is taking him through. The guy was so torn and frustrated over the past few months! I hope things improve for him henceforth.

The pangs to quit the job are back. I've begun to detest my work on some days and push myself through it on the others. There's scope for much learning in the recent future, which I am looking forward to. But I don't know whether it's worth it. The best thing for me right now would be to stick around and switch to part time, but I don't know whether the management will be able to accept such a request. Also, companies these days do not enter into contracts with individuals, but employ them through contracting agencies, which sucks! I've seen a few examples, and it's a pain to manage money and any related issues with those agent-companies.

I do have a 3-week vacation planned. If only I could clear what's on my plate by then! The current release seems to be extending forever and they are making new additions to the product even as we're nearing RTM. It's just been such a good example of bad planning, worse communication, and the worst execution! I've never been so disgruntled with my work environment before. On one hand, my managers are willing to help me achieve work-life balance. On the other, a product manager tells me: if you want work-life balance, this product team in not the place to be.

During the upcoming vacation, I'm hoping to come to a conclusion about whether I want to continue or not. The original plan was to take a 3-month break, but the learning opportunity I mentioned is right at the beginning of those months, and so I had to settle for something else. And I'm not liking it.


~G said...

A Three week vacation! Wowiieeee! I am jealous! My next 8 day vacation is in April, which seems so distant. Where are you off to?

momofrs said...

Hmmm...tough decision that!
I was thinking of quitting too....but then I realized, I'd probably go crazy if I stayed home all the time (its not abt the kids...its about the mammoth gen-gap between me and the GMIL :( )
Hope things smooth out in the coming days.
Enjoy the vacation :)

((Love and Hugs))

simplypallu said...

Arrey, G, it's not as cool as it sounds. We're off to be with the in-laws for a few days. Then P1 gets back to work while I sit and ponder the pointlessness of my existence. Looking at the condition of the project, I am tempted to cut the off-time short and work half days instead. There's too much uncertainty in my mind. Will let you when the plan finalizes. If nothing, I can surely meet you during my chuttee! :D

simplypallu said...

Yes, Noor, it is a tough decision. I would love to take a couple months' break, and get back to full-time work. But I realized that I have lost the will to work 8 hours or more a day. I am considering asking my managers to put in a contract position with not more than 6 hours a day. It seems improbable that it will work out, but I'm gonna try.
And thank you, I will actually try to enjoy the vacation, and not zone out in front of the TV.

~G said...

"If nothing, you will surely meet me?" Not done! Meet me even if you have your hands full in your vacation. Ghar pe aa jaa on the evenings you get bored. We will have nice coffee and snacks. :)

simplypallu said...

Ok, Miss G. I went a step ahead and thought of going for a swim when we can make time together. Coffee and snacks are welcome too! I want to come to your place to see the lovely plants/flowers I keep reading about.

momofrs said... guys are making me go green :D
Coffee,snacks and swim!!
How I wish I wasn't miles away from your place!!

simplypallu said...

Don't worry, we'll plan to come closer to your place some day. Maybe go for the shopping spree we planned when we met Unmana on D.P.Road?