Thursday, December 09, 2010

Evenings in the neighborhood

I am fan of silver, not gold, but if nature splashes it across the horizon like that, I tend to change loyalties. It's breathtaking, this scene from my little neighborhood park. I wish I could sit there every evening, soaking in the beauty.


~G said...

Now really, 9 posts in 9 days?
You are on a roll!

simplypallu said...

Yep, it feels nice to just dump my thoughts there, without consciously making myself do it.
Also, see how I cheated today? A pic and a caption. And my work here is done!

Double-Dolphin said...

Wow!!! That is an amazing view. Lucky you!!!

simplypallu said...

Hey! Good to see you back. Where have you been? I'm sorry I haven't visited you blog in a while... you had trailed off somewhere for a couple of months in between!