Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tricking my mind

Another realization dawned upon me today as I was helping a relatively new team mate at work. I had this defect in my queue, which I thought I wouldn't be able to resolve within the planned milestone. I asked my lead to pass it on to someone else who could work on it. I estimated that it would take about 2-4 hours for a new person to resolve. The colleague who it was assigned to asked me for help, and I ended up resolving the whole thing. While the defect was in my queue, I kinda resented it because it was just one of those things-I-couldn't-get-to-because-I-have-other-priorities. When someone else asked me to help, I gladly hand-held them through the problem.

So here's a tip for my leads / managers if they ever come across my blog. Never assign me a task. Ask me to help others. That way I always end up exceeding expectations. There aren't any to meet, dummy!. If only 'helping others' wouldn't turn into a target for meeting expectations.

Anyone else dealing with this application called Success Factors? It's the monster under my workstation.


@p@rn@ said...

I should start doing this every now and then.. At least that way u'll remember your BLOG :) :D

simplypallu said...

Hush, hush! I was trying to protect your work privacy and here you are.
And don't worry, I remember my blog often enough. It just doesn't love me anymore--doesn't want to be written in ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank God girl.....I was wondering whether I need to call the police to investigate your whereabouts!
As I can now see, you are still in Pune.
Which is good :)
And you've written TWO posts.
Which is better :D