Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Professional hazards - III

Life can come to a standstill when you begin your day early. I got home after a meeting until 11:00 pm the previous night, changed, and got into bed. I slept badly--had dreams about everything that could go wrong with the project or my teammates. Woke up at 6:15 am, changed, and went straight to work to prepare for the meeting at 7:00 am. I planned to come home early for a break and return if necessary. It turned out that I couldn't leave until 11.5 hours later when my work was almost done. And I still have two hour-long meetings to go.

I've tried many times to start early so that I can stop for the day at a decent hour, but that never seems to work out. My planning is lousy and execution is worse. Feels like I fit right into the project team I work with.

And yet, I can't make up my mind about quitting. The temptation of learning and earning the lifestyle we currently lead is too great. I hope to some day be pissed off enough to quit without looking back. And then to make good use of the time not spent earning money.


momofrs said...

Goodness're working yourself off!!
what insane hours to put in at office!!
Not worth it!! Better cut yourself some slack and slow down.
*ok, time for you to roll your eyes at me....but seriously, its so much easier to preach others than follow it yourself !!Me guilty :D *

simplypallu said...

Yep, easy to preach. My director agreed to help me find a work/life balance, while herself confessing that she found it the most difficult achieve.