Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I opened the Messiah's Handbook this evening without any purpose in mind. It said, "To learn anything, you must put aside the safety of your ignorance."

The question that popped up was, "What do I want to learn?"

The reply was quick, "Nothing--at the moment."

That surprised me a little. Normally, I attach a lot of importance to learning--at times even more than peace of mind. It's a bit like losing your purpose--what else would you live for?!

But then, I curb the panic by thinking that it's just a phase. If you don't reach this stage once in a while, all your efforts and learning might seem unworthy.

The hunger will soon be back. This is definitely not the end.

PS: I need to do something about the urge to share this with someone who I know will get it--to make the 'thought' feel complete. Or is that what makes me human?


momofrs said...

*head falling in shame*
Umm....seriously P, I don't remember the last time I actually thought of learning something new. True that I'm learning life's lessons, but seriously, its high time I actually made an attempt!!
An eye-opener ...this post!!

simplypallu said...

Woman, you're achieving zen in the art of twin management! You're excused from wanting to learn anything else.

sphinx said...

u knw..i knw d feeling cmpletely!

simplypallu said...

Who else would, sphinx?! :)