Friday, April 09, 2010

Birds of a feather...

Here's another excerpt from an email exchange with a team mate.

Her: I wonder whether we should use [full product name] instead of [abbreviated product name]? I dislike the “ARS” abbreviation because it sounds like “arse.” Am I the only person who would notice that?

Me: Heh, it actually never occurred to me! (And my mind is usually in the gutter, when compared to other prissy girls around me.)

Her: Well, I’m glad I have good company in the gutter! ; )

I'm thrilled when I meet a 50-year-old woman who looks gorgeous, does her work smartly and with painstaking attention to detail, and thinks like me sometimes. I thank thee oh heavens above, for this serendipitous association with my lovely team.


Anonymous said...

Heheh..good one, that :D
Reminded me of the time when I was working for a UK based firm that used Action Remedy System (yup, ARS) for defect logging.
Believe me, we had enough "arse" jokes going around....and we weren't even in the gutter yet ;)

simplypallu said...

Erm, let's not talk about that one, ok? I'll be fired. And FYI that's not the correct name :P