Monday, March 08, 2010

On International Women's Day

... I only wish that in a century or less we do not feel the need to celebrate such days. (Why a century? 'Cuz, ya'know, I'm am an optimist, but not completely insane. Yet.) I'll be thrashed for saying this, but it feels like mass hysteria to me. Like those Hallmark holidays.

Why has human civilization come to this point of polarization? Millions of years of evolution and men still cannot resist their animal instincts? If you folks could suppress that one trait of yours, the whole species would be achieving greater things. I'll not even get started about war. Suppressing the urge to thwack people's heads off to grab their possessions is a higher level of behavioral sophistication that would require you all another million years of refining. And I'm not talking about all men here. I know there are some really awesome apples in the basket, but they're few and far between the rotten ones. I guess we need to stop procreating like rats, and focus on producing quality offspring. Not focusing on physical attributes like the Spartans, but on bringing up "humane" humans.

We're supposed to evolve and not roll in the same muck over and over again. And then they say history repeats itself. We're the ones who write history. And while the men folk try not to harass women at whim, we women could do with toning down our nagging and making more time to do stuff we like. And cut down on the gossiping and bitching. It sounds hypocritical coming from me, but I'm trying, you know. Rant over.

Oh, well. I forgot about the whole issue of societal acceptance of LGBTs. If we can't tolerate innate, natural preferences that do not intrude upon others' lives in any way, how can we consider ourselves capable of "reason?" Could we please stop classifying people as men, women, or other poorly-defined genders, and focus on the human aspect? Celebrate individuals for their good qualities and attempt to curb the not-so-good ones? What happened to live and let live? Argh!

Rant forcibly closed.


G said...

Hmmm. Different thought process but I think just like the birthday is just another day unless you actually plan to remember/acknowledge it, same goes with the women's day. On a deeper note, more than a feminist point of view, as an individual there is certain delight in being a woman! Except for period pain :P

simplypallu said...

I am all too happy to be a woman, except for the menstruation part of it :) And I prefer my birthdays to be very private but fun, it's a time of reflection for me. So same goes with women's day or any other day. I don't mind the fun/celebration so much, but I'm pissed that we came to a point where we have to set aside a day to acknowledge the part a woman plays in society. Appreciation for every gender and their strengths should be ingrained from childhood, na? How else will we grow synergistically?