Monday, March 08, 2010

I'll miss you, Robin

My manager had been battling ALS since the past few months. She fought bravely and refused to quit working and supporting her team. It was inspiring to see her. One of my regrets in life will be not getting to speak to her before she passed away.

I'll miss you, Robin, your leadership, your courage, your quick decision-making ability, your insights, your appreciation, all that made you such a wonderful manager. I guess it stems from being such a good person inside. I'm glad to have been associated with you. May your soul be in peace.

I remember feeling down in the dumps on a morning this weekend. It was soon after the unfortunate event. I'd like to believe it's the cosmic connection. Adios, brave woman.


Unmana said...

I'm so sorry. She sounds like a wonderful person.

simplypallu said...

She was. So good, that I'll continue to ask myself "what would Robin have done" when I face a problem.

Peeves said...

Thanks for the beatiful post, Pallavi. It's a fitting farewell too.

Robin, you will always be in my memory. I am happy I could know you, meet you, and interact with you. Knowing you has enriched my life too!

Praveen said...

RIP. Makes one appreciate life even more.

i-me-moi said...