Friday, March 05, 2010

Multitasking gets to you at times

One of the reasons I'm grateful for being born as a member of the female species is the awesome multitasking feature that's programmed into our brains through a million years of evolution. I usually put it to great use, but sometimes, when the wrong process accesses the wrong memory location (couldn't help the computing jargon!), it has comical results. It kinda makes me feel absent-minded or stupid least that's what it would appear like to an onlooker when I'm:
  • Picking leafy vegetables or peeling peas and I throw the roots or pods into the "clean" bowl instead of the "dispose" bowl
  • Closing multiple jars and match a tiny lid with an extra-large jar and the darned thing falls into the oil/ paste/ gooey stuff inside
  • Cooking and my mother calls and I answer but tell her to hold on because I was looking for my phone
  • Eating biscuits and feeding my dogs and the wrong biscuit ends up in my mouth
  • Getting dressed in multiple rooms--clothes here, moisturizer there, the comb in a third room--in a hurry to go to work, only to realize in the office lift I'm still in my somewhat-wet bathroom slippers
  • Opening the toilet door after I'm finished and use my ID card to 'swipe' out
It also doesn't help that the keyboards for the office workstation, my personal desktop, and my laptop all have DiFfErEnT layouts!

It's also not fun when you're busy with activities in the marital bed (like RNM puts it) and your brain's planning the breakfast menu for next morning and setting a mental reminder to boil the milk and walk the dogs before you leave for the movie the day after. At such times it's a downright curse.


JSincro said...

Beautiful Post!!

I've done things like these myself and many more!

And yes! I've a dalmatian too and I have eaten her pedegree biscuit and let her have does it taste?? Salty..... isnt it??

simplypallu said...

Thank you. And, wow, another Dal person?! Welcome.
Doggie biscuits do taste salty but something more than that too. Can't explain. I'm not a meat eater, so that taste isn't very welcome, you see :)

Haddock said...

Ha ha liked tat especially the last one : and use my ID card to 'swipe' out

simplypallu said...

:) That is what instigated this post, actually.

Peeves said...

Hehehe...nice post! We have almost always done something stupid. And yes, we frequently attempt to open our door at home by swiping, not be knocking or ringing the bell. :)

momofrs said...

Howl-arious girl!!
You have me laughing off my chair :D
Loved the last part. Guilty of misuing the marital bed meself!!

simplypallu said...

Glad you liked it, Noor :)