Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cleaning the sprouts

In response to Noor's tooth update.

Firstly, don't those finger brushes look sinisterly like something that would have prevented the kids from 'being'? Just sayin'. Actually I think of getting them too, for my wolf-descendants.

Wouldn't these scare you?

(Drags her dirty mind out of the gutter.)

I know precisely what they mean by shark-teeth. The smaller and newer the teeth, the sharper they are. Also, mostly they'd open their mouths eagerly to try and gobble up the biggest of objects--like basketballs, for example--but YOU attempt to put something suspicious in their mouths, and they'll... well, calm up. No better word.

I have to pry 'em jaws open!

I'm glad I don't have to brush my monsters' everyday. Once a few weeks is enough. Surprisingly there's no dog breath unless you decide to wedge your nose between their open jaws and take a deep one.

Or, sometimes, as they sleep in all kinds of weird positions, their lip-flaps (what else do you call them?) sag in the wrong direction, and their canines are accidentally bared.

One would think the bugger is so smugly a-sleepin'.


Anonymous said...

Awww.....Mojo and Fibi are the best!!!
They are soooo cuute!!

And yeah, I'd dread cleaning their teeth too. Those fangs look SHARP!!!

simplypallu said...

Well, I'm not scared. The little darlings have NEVER bitten me unless I bite 'em first. Yes, I do. Daaton ke bhooth laathon se nahi maanate!

Unmana said...

The last pic reminds me of Hobbes, when Calvin wakes up at night and sees him baring his fangs in his sleep and is scared. :-D

simplypallu said...

Hehe. These guys don't have to bare their fangs. As it is, I'm scared most of the times that they'll just climb into our bed and snuggle in and we won't be able to resist the temptation to cuddle--that will do away with all the 'sleeping manners' we've been trying to instill.

JSincro said...

Cute Doggies!!:-)