Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Totally uninspired today

  • Boring day at work
  • People simply not responding to mails marked "high priority"
  • No inspiring blogs to read
  • The feeling that I've run out of things that will make me get my ass out of its comfort zone and do things
  • Irregularity of days--both at home and at work---with noone else to blame but me
  • Immediate distraction when anything remotely interesting interferes with work
  • Putting off swimming when I should really be going regularly
  • Sleeping in each time I decide not to
  • Always thinking of how easy and important it is for me to spare only 30 minutes for a brisk walk but never actually getting to it
  • Remembering the drawing in my closet that I began over a year ago and haven't had the inclination to complete
  • Wanting to cook at home, my half-hearted attempts at housekeeping, and then giving up almost as soon as I begin
  • Buying all the books I want but not making enough time to read them
  • Spending way too much time plonked in the bean bag in front of the telly and always hating the way I lose track of time

... make for a big, bad fucked up life. Hmpf!

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