Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is there any such thing as "too many vacations"?

A colleague at snacks yesterday: How many vacations do you take in a year?! Every few days you send a mail that goes "Pictures from..."
Me: Huh?! Really? I usually take only a day's holiday in addition to a long weekend and that's enough for a nice short trip for me. I do the same during the holiday season, and it just seems like I have too much fun!
Later, thinking to myself: Really? Do I travel too much? No, yaar! I always feel like there's so much to do and no time at all!

Even later, this morning, a friend asked over chat about my recent Goa trip. A few minutes after discussing with her, I found myself looking at Google maps to judge whether Pune - Bangalore was a good distance to cover in the car, before my parents shifted back to Pune. I'd like a little visit with them before they do that! Then I thought of checking which cities NH 4 really runs through, and my eyes darted upwards. I soon realized that I was checking whether Pune - Daman & Diu (coastal Gujarat) - Vadodara (where hubby's sister and her family lives) was a possible option for the vacation I am planning in September (again, around the time when there are a lot of holidays anyway).

And then I was like... my colleague really noticed something I didn't... I do think of vacations / traveling all the time! I had to tear my eyes off Google maps and make my brain shut up about "what I'd like to do" and so on. So here I am, about to listen to "Khuda Jaane" in loud-mode with my earphones on for one last time, before I cleanse my mind of all thoughts of entertainment, and get to actually earning my salary. Wish me some peace at work, peoples!

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