Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time to wake up and act

The title is a note to myself. As I was clamped to my work desk this afternoon, pondering over certain parts of my work that could be done better, this is what flashed across my mind:

I've been going through a mid-life crisis since the past three years. Mid-life, because I neither expect to live beyond five decades, nor expect my poor fellow beings to bear with me for that long. For some reason, I've been suffering bit by bit every day for the past three years. I used to feel like I'm eroding physically and mentally, and that I'm running out of time, unable to do things I believed I could and wanted to, since I was a child. Possibly, those feelings have sunk in so deep and for so long, that they're turning into a reality.

Hence the reminder. Like Lt. Harris of the Police Academy would like to say: Move it! Move it! Move it!


deeps said...

seeing that smile on ur face, i just wonder if anynoe has to put up with you, but rather they would only be happy to be around!

simplypallu said...

Thank you for the compliment. But you say that because you don't know me behind that smile. Ask my husband, for confirmation :D