Saturday, June 14, 2008

New addition to the family

Last weekend, after the Sinhagad trip and after watching Sex and the City, me and the hubs thought of extending our family. Actually, we had been thinking about this since weeks, and I had been plotting about this in my head since early that morning. So out we went in the evening, to bring home our little darlings. The ones who'll adorn our previously vacuous balcony. All we need to do is water them every morning, loosen the soil once a week, add fertilizer once a quarter, and change the soil once a year. Low maintenance, peaceful, and beautiful... I simply love these kids!! Now we have the balcony covered...

(L to R: Lily, Rose [I'm not sure what this tiny variety is called], Tulsi, and Jaaswand [or Hibiscus])

(L to R: Yellow Rose, Kadhi Patta [or Curry Tree], a colored-leaf plant, and another decorative floral plant [I don't know what the last two are called... if you do, please enlighten me!])

and Center :)
(L to R: Mogra, another couple of plants [that I obviously don't know the names of], and Sayali)

Meet the Happening Hibiscus

... and the Lovely Lily

...(oops, Lilies!)


Unmana said...

I have the second one with white flowers in the third pic too, I think - as far as I can make out from the picture. And a tulsi.

Sunita said...

Hey, very pretty. The pots are cool too. I have the purple and yellow lillies at home. I am looking for a good nursery to pick some plants that flower all year through. Where did you get yours?

simplypallu said...

Mine were picked very close from home... near Chandani Chowk. I checked out two before that: one on Sinhagad road (about 1km ahead of Rajaram pool, towards Sinhagad) and one on Paud Road (about 200 mtrs before the Lohia Jain IT Park building).

Stinkypaw said...

Beautiful and lucky to have a flowering hibiscus in house!

Thanks for the visit & hope to read you again!