Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Musical post - I

Last week, my darling husband got some music loaded onto his pen drive for us to listen to in the car... This was while driving home from the office... The first number to play was "I wanna be your underwear." The first time I heard this song, I was scandalized and despised it for a long time. Somewhere along the way I started liking it, and I love it now to the extent that I could really sing it for the hubby and mean it ;-) So that was a treat... Me yelling "I wanna be your underwear" outta the car window. What would we do without such sensually honest lyrics, dear Bryan Adams?

The collection turned out to be partial So Far So Good, so of course, it contained both the live and recorded versions of "Summer of '69." But I've heard that song an insane number of times to be actually moved by it.

What really plunged the knife into my heart was "Everything I do." I don't think I got to listen to this song in peace during the last 4 years. The last I heard and sung along was sometime during my first and longest lasting relationship... the time when I still had the childhood innocence intact... and I used to mean it will all my heart when I hummed along. That strong feeling is no more, but the beauty of those feelings still lingers in my heart, and it flowed in a steady stream through my eyes as the words reached deep into the recesses and churned up memories of long-lost emotions. Okay. Peace. I didn't mean to sound that corny. But it really broke my heart to hear those words again. In a nice way :)

Love you so much for that musical evening, hubby! Mmmmmmuuuuuuuaaahhh!!

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