Thursday, October 16, 2008


The only more-than-a-decade-older-than-me man I'm ready to
dump my 
already-too-cute-to-resist-hubby for.
(To self: Right, even if you're the last creature on earth he'll even notice!)

If only he could really play
(although he did learn for the role in P. S. I Love You)
...we women (yes, I'm too fat and aunty-like to be called a girl right now)
could never be satisfied, could we?

And what made me write this right now? The Accidental Husband, what else? Go watch. But I'm sure you'll like him better in the short but yummy role in P.S. I Love You. These pictures just don't show you the depth of his I'll-fall-in-and-die dimples. Sigh!!


sphinx said...

yeaaaaahhh..i ws droolin over him in PS I love u only..and especially watchd accidental husband fr dat..poor uma thurman has started to show her age..and colin firth ws wasted in dat u r so so right bout his dimples honey..i cnt help gawking;)

simplypallu said...

Arey, Uma Thurman is 4 years younger than Jeff, but she definitely looks older... also, I don't think she's suitable for romantic comedies... poor thing is stuck with her Kill Bill image in my mind. Colin Firth? Yes, truly wasted in that movie.

P.S. I Love You was an intoxicating movie... begins with Gerard Butler, and then Jeffrey?! Too much to handle. Had I been Hilary Swank, I'd have fainted at the sight of Jeff!!

I was up until 2:30 this morning... and you always turn up when I'm not around >:-| Hmpf!