Monday, October 06, 2008

I could be a friend forever

...only if you want me to. After the initial surge of vengeful feelings died down, I thought of another possibility. One where you took responsibility for your actions, admitted your mistake, and asked for pardon from those your hurt.

Once we get that ego of yours out of the way, a world of true friendship could open up. One without the need to conceal your intimacies with others. One where we can truly share our feelings and our friends. One where we can still be there for each other during both the difficult times and exhilarating moments. One where you don't need to be on your gaurd all the time, because you aren't hiding anything. Where you feel comfortable being yourself because all you have friends all around who truly care for you and are forthright and honest with you.

If only you care for that. There's so much I want to give, but you aren't ready to accept. You're too insecure to find any peace in your life. If only you could let your ego crumble. You'll find a beautiful life waiting for you.

Pushing aside the dilemma of whether I should post this here or not. If I try to be discrete about these things, I'll probably never say anything on this space, and it's is not right: this is my space to vent.


sphinx said...

i'd rather b discrete too...good 4 u..u had to vent those thoughts..and sweets,wat are blogs for???

simplypallu said...

yeah, and i'm glad ur here to reassure me

Just a grail said...

Wow, I have a person in my life I could write that very letter to.

simplypallu said...

Grail, I wish you get the chance to find a closure... mine's lost, I guess.