Sunday, July 13, 2008

Surviving marriage - II

In a terribly self-deprecating mood w.r.t. the ever-growing crop of pimples that never seems to go away (I remember people telling me that they will reduce and eventually stop sprouting with age; big fat LIARS) and with the unflinching girdles of fat sitting smugly around my arms, stomach, waist, and thighs (making me look even shorter than my 4'11" frame, not to mention stouter), here's a conversation that transpired this weekend.

Me: I'm so ugly and such a big bully. How do you put up with me?
Hubby (very smartly avoiding the ugly part, which I look at as a simply blatant acceptance of the truth): Why are you such a big bully?
Me: That's not an answer to my question. I am a bully. Why do you put up with me?
Hubby (some gibberish, followed by): Let's continue reading A Brief History of Time like from where we left off last week?
Me (completely stoned by sudden change of topic and falling for it): Okay. Chapter 5: Elementary Particles and The Forces of Nature...
Me (to self): Wait a minute, did he fool me again? Sigh! Fair enough. I bully him, he fools me in turn to think everything is well with the world. No wonder I'm so twisted and confused.


sphinx said...

hey!u are nt ugly..dnno bout the bully part though..but think ur hubby is smart enuf for that..u guys deserve one another!!

simplypallu said...

As I said, darling, I was in a self-deprecating mood :)
And maybe it's true, maybe we deserve one another... I need to find out what exactly are we meant to learn from or with e/o.