Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obsession and perception

This morning as we drove to office, the hubs asked me if I'm a blogging buff. I told him am obsessed with blogs. He thought I meant I like to blog--I do, but am not really up to it all the time--I explained that I was obsessed with reading blogs, and if I were to be obsessed with writing, I'd do 3-4 posts each day! He was quick to retort that it's so nice I'm not obsessed with the latter. (I passed a silent grunt thinking how opposed he to is all things I like.)

He then asked me if I wanted a tool... I interrupted saying that I don't want any Feed/Reader kind of thing as I know the URLs of all the blogs I like by-heart, and most of them are anyway in my blogroll. He went on to explain that it was an HTML reader and displayed images and videos properly and made you feel as if you were reading the actual blog. It had good search capabilities, and blah, blah, blah. He lost me some where in between, because my train of thought was going this way: Visiting people's blogs is like visiting their homes and listening to them over a cup of chai/coffee. Using a Feed/Reader seems like you've installed a camera in their home and are trying to get a sneak-peak / reality show out of them.

Sorry, that may sound really cynical, but that's what I thought. Now, if I had no access to blogs from the workplace, I would happily use other tools to read posts from my favorite bloggers. But, when I have the freedom of visiting their space and communicating through direct comments, why wouldn't I rather do that? It's so much more personal, innit?


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jottingsnmusings said...

Hi Pallavi,

I've been visiting your site on and off for a week now - your site is so much FUN! I have a good laugh or at least a smile each time I visit. :)

And I agree with this post, hate feed readers myself - I like to see the blog layout and everything to get a feel of the writer.

simplypallu said...

Thanks, jottingsnmusings, for visiting. I'm glad that some things I wrote put a smile on your face. Thank you for the "fun" compliment. Strokes up my dwindling self-confidence, you know ;-)