Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good news and bonding

My ex-boyfriend's long-since-awaiting-the-ex-status-wife called yesterday. They finally reached a settlement after about a year-long wait. Her bloody asshole husband never turned up on all the days that the court had summoned him. Then finally things got settled in her favor. That was easy because she didn't ask for alimony or anything. In my opinion, the most important thing she lost was time... good time she could have had, had he not decided to screw it up. How can time be compensated for?

Anyway, she was relieved that it was all over. I was damn happy for her. We'll have a small party this weekend--by ourselves. Sometimes, we gain friends in the strangest possible ways. I'm glad I know a beautiful and strong girl like her. Cheers, P!!

Update: Hubby and I met her one Saturday--a lunch and movie gig--and it was so much fun to be with her. The blasted arse of a guy through whom we know each other... he said nasty things about her to me, and even nastier things about me to her... thankfully we had more sense than to believe the fucker. We disregarded any of his statements and met secretly; I'm glad she accepted my invitation.


Double-Dolphin said...

So, he's your ex and her ex, I wonder what you guys could be talking about...???!!!

simplypallu said...

When we first met, all we had to talk about was "him." But from then on, he was nowhere in the discussion, except when she had an update like... filing for divorce or him not responding to the summons. Mostly we talk about our likes / dislikes, dreams, hobbies, and general stuff that friends talk about. We consciously kept him out of the discussion after the first meeting, and now it's just natural :)