Thursday, March 19, 2009

Attempts to focus work are bound to fail when you have AR Rahman's music playing through your headphones. It wants to make you hum along, it makes you want to dance with abandon, you begin to grin like a fool (at the awesome sound effects), your fingers automatically leave the keyboard and start tapping other objects around you, and then you end up getting weird looks from coworkers or passers by.

What's more, all thoughts about crappy product defects and their even crappier descriptions simply seem untouchable and you feel silly about wanting to be at your desk in the first place. All motivating thoughts that you've brainwashed yourself with... the ones about how you like your job, how essential it is to be proactive, innovative, and that you should strive to work better than you worked yesterday... all go down the proverbial drain.

Sigh! Could someone please pay me to simply listen to the genius?

And for the record... I think the Jay Ho / Slumdog Milllionaire score is nothing when compared to Roja, Bombay, Taal, Lagaan, Saathiya, ... What about an Oscar for each of these?

Like TMM or someone else said on her blog (can't find the exact post), our medicore is their best??!

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Double-Dolphin said...

Yeah, if they liked Slumdog so much, I wonder what they'd think if they heard Roja, Bombay or Dil Se. Unfortunately these were Hindi films which can qualify only for the "best foreign language film" category. Oscars are weird!