Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lucky 'levens

February 11 seems to be a day of significance for me or people I like(d).

This day, 14 years ago, I met my first boyfriend (whom I totally disliked then, btw, just like I do now).

Today, I helped ("pushed," to put it in his words) my lovely hubby earn 11 grand before 11 am on the National Stock Exchange :D (and I'm still gloating about it)!

This is also the day when The Redneck Mommy is going to meet her new son for the very first time. I'm soooooooooo happy for her and Boo, Fric, and Frac. Congratulations, you beautiful people!

Pssst! And guess what? This is my 111th post :D I'll be grinning for the rest of the day. She'll understand why.

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